Posted by: Kate | March 8, 2010

Fool’s Gold

Our unseasonably warm temperatures have brought early blooms to the garden. According to my gardener’s book, last year the forsythia bloomed April 7th. As you can see, this year by March 6th it was in full glory.

This is a dangerous time of year for gardeners, as we are lured by the promise of warm, sunny days only to be walloped by wet, snowy, rainy days later in the month. So I resist the song of spring a little while yet, just cleaning around the edges, tidying up the beds, tying up some fruit canes.

Still, my heart quickens to see the spring flowers awakening and raising their faces to the sky. Winter will end yet again, and the cycle will start anew.


  1. gorgeous kate!
    it is definitely heart-warming to see such bursts of color – thanks for sharing, especially for those of us still living in the mono-chromatic color scheme of winter!

  2. Stunning photos! We’ve begun to see the first signs of Spring here in the UK, but it’s still very cold. Ros

  3. wow- so beautiful!!!
    happy spring!

  4. Ah, Spring! Thx for sharing your gorgeous spring photos, Kate. It only gets better from here :)

  5. What is that little flower? It is so pretty. I was in Vancouver and Victoria over the past week and the cherry trees and star magnolias are in bloom. Gorgeous!

  6. You are so completely right that it’s a dangerous time of year. I keep thinking I need to get ‘cool weather’ plants into the ground until I realize that regardless of the fact that there are buds on the trees and bulbs shooting up, this is still March…and early March at that. Mother nature, you shall not trick me! :)

    Beautiful photos Kate!

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