Posted by: Kate | March 5, 2010

From the Photo Archives

I never shared more photos or stories from our trip around Northern Vancouver Island last summer. Not sure why, other than we got busy with other trips and adventures. I have done a fair bit of scrapbooking about it, and have written about it, just not here. Time to rectify that!

home base

Even in the midst of a beautiful summer, the North Island is often shrouded in rain and mist. We were lucky, in that we never had torrential rain or wind, but as you can see we were battened down against the wet pretty well. You also have to be completely camp clean up here, as bears are a daily occurence.

On the road five minutes from camp.

The North Island is another world. It is a good four hour drive from our home to the tip of the island, and you realize during that drive just how wild it is. There is no cell phone coverage and little in the way of civilization, a few towns and a couple of outposts, but that is it. Living up here would require a real love of solitude.

Our first day was spent at Cape Scott, on San Josef Bay. An easy hike in, and lots of fun.

"This could be as good as Hawaii beaches when the sun is out" - Mr. Kate

Sea stacks and caves separate first beach from second beach on San Josef Bay.

Perhaps the oddest thing we saw was Ronning’s Garden – an old homesteader’s place that is being taken over by the rainforest. Volunteers are now working to save the exotic plants in this garden that is in the middle of nowhere, off a dirt logging road.

Look carefully. That's not a giant cedar, it's a giant monkey puzzle tree. There's also bamboo and roses and many other non-native trees.

This was an amazing adventure.


  1. What a wonderful trip. I like the picture you snapped of the bear peaking out of the trees.

  2. gorgeous as always kate – that second to last picture takes my breath away! so much beauty.

  3. So lovely.

    Mr. Kate has obviously never been to Hawaii.

  4. oh my goodness– a bear?!
    what beautiful pictures!

  5. Wow. As usual, thanks for sharing more of this amazing island that you call home. It’s so very beautiful! Maybe one day I’ll get to experience some of it in person! ;)

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