Posted by: Kate | March 2, 2010

Poetry is Me

Today I am guest teaching a class on poetry to some Grade 2 and 3 students. I love poetry, always have. I really want the students to feel a love for the words and the playfulness of it all, so we will be focusing on limericks, diamantes, and haikus. We will have two hours, so hopefully I can give them a good taste of each style, and we can create some poems together as well.

I’ve had fun looking through my files for old poetry of mine. I’ve found pieces going back to when I was 9. It really starts to gather from when I was 12 and up, books of poems and thoughts and words. Such a reflection of my thoughts, dreams, friendships and beliefs from that age is something to treasure.



  1. a nice job to teach a lofty are ( poetry ) to kids.good luck to you.and thanks for the post.

  2. Oooh, have fun today! From seeing the little I ‘know’ of you, I see your poetry skills and excellent play of words in action. I imagine you will inspire a whole new generation of poets. erm, feel free to post your poems anytime! I’d love to read them.

  3. hope the class went well yesterday!
    will we get to see any of 9 year-old kate’s poetry? :)

  4. I bet that was a good time! I love kid’s poetry.

  5. Wow–all your writings of past are definitely something to treasure. I’m with Melissa…that could be your next Friday project; sharing your words through the decades. I hope the class went well!

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