Posted by: Kate | February 26, 2010

From the Photo Archives

Buttle Lake campground is on the north end of Buttle Lake, about 30 km from Ralph River campground (to the south). We don’t camp there often, as it is a very busy place usually, but we did go out there one week-end in April, I think it was 2005 (there were a couple of large groups of people there even then, but the campground is big and we could stay away from them and be on our own).

This is a good example of a typical provincial park campsite. Lots of trees!

Bush Boy has a bike helmet on, as he had ridden his bike down to the beach. He actually learned to ride his big bike here this week-end. Lots of people say they prefer Buttle Lake because it has a beach, but as you can see the beach is pretty grassy these days. The province did at one time truck all this sand in (they did it at a number of lake campgrounds) but in recent years have not had the funding to maintain it. The other problem is the Canada Geese think it makes a lovely social area. The huts across the water are the park headquarters buildings for Strathcona Park, where the wardens and campground crews sleep in the summer months.

Just like further down at Ralph River, there is a lot of great shoreline to walk along here.



  1. gorgeous.
    if i had a time machine i would go back into your photo archives to live for a while.

  2. it looks like an absolutely ideal campsite! beautiful

  3. Another beautiful spot you’ve found!

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