Posted by: Kate | February 23, 2010


I spent the past Saturday at an all day charity scrapbooking event, which was great fun. The event is held at a private school, and Nadine and I took some time to walk around the grounds late in the day.

This picture is looking down from the building we were in – the main dining hall – towards residence buildings. Having spent some years at a private school (though not this fancy) I am familiar with the advantages that going to a good, reputable private school can bring. Looking at this school though, I can’t help but think what an advantage learning in peaceful, beautiful surroundings must also bring. If every child could learn in an environment more similar to this, I truly believe more students would be successful. We all know how much nicer it is to work in an office with a window, or a building with a courtyard – imagine going to school with a duck pond and trails on the grounds, that you walk by every day on your way to classes. A bit more inspiring than sitting in a grey cement building all day long. It’s an interesting thought, what brings success. I just can’t help feeling, when I walk around this school, that place has something to do with it.



  1. very interesting post kate. you’ve given me something to ponder while i sip my morning coffee.

  2. hear hear! i think it’s a crime that they actually build schools with no windows in them! what a wonderful gift to have learning nurtured in a beautiful setting like this!

  3. I’d say you are absolutely right. So is it not common because suits think windows and nature are distractions from the ‘real’ subjects I wonder?

    What a beautiful, relaxing weekend you must have had!

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