Posted by: Kate | February 16, 2010

Saratoga Beach in Winter

Saratoga Beach is our favourite beach in the summer. It is wide, sandy and the water is usually warm. We don’t get out there as much in the winter as there isn’t as much point to drive the 20 minutes out of town, but my mum asked me to meet her there the other day for a quick walk.

The many shades of our winter grey are so apparent in this photo. The coastal mountains disappeared about five minutes later, and by the time we headed home we were driving in yet another rain storm.


  1. Now THIS is what I’m talking about! The beach. Even in winter, it is beautiful. Thx for sharing this great pic, Kate :)

  2. gorgeous.

    oh can i tell you (yet again, i know…. i’m like a broken record) how jealous i am of where you live! keep posting pictures so i can live vicariously!

  3. so gorgeous! i am a huge fan of beaches in the winter. such glorious muted colors and brisk solitude! love it!

  4. Even grey, this is such a beautiful spot. I would love to have this 20 minutes away…such a place to walk, enjoying the solitude and one’s own thoughts.

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