Posted by: Kate | February 12, 2010

From the Photo Archives

To Bush Boy, camping is all about searching for frogs. Every day he looks, no matter where we are. Amazingly he finds them as well! Even when we drove across western Canada, he managed to find frogs at a campground outside Edmonton. Ralph River is the best spot, though, as they like the marshy grass at the front of the campground along the lakeshore. He makes little terrariums for them and keeps them in the campsite until we force him to trade out for new ones. This frog obsession has been going on since he was 3, and I don’t see it stopping any time soon.



  1. oh i have such fond memories of frog-hunting as a child. we used to live near a golf course and i remember there was always a time in the spring when we would take those big gallon ice cream buckets and go to the putting green and fill them full with frogs! then we would put on the lid and listen to the frogs jumping around!
    then, of course, we would let them go :)

  2. Frogs are a good thing to be obsessed about. My son loves to find toads in my garden. Toads and worms…

  3. I love that he’s obsessed with frogs!

  4. wow, he’s amazing!!!

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