Posted by: Kate | January 29, 2010

From the Photo Archives

Loon Bay, Summer 2003.

We found this recreation site the first summer we lived up here. Just seven campsites, right on the edge of Lower Campbell Lake. There really were loons there, we could hear them in the mornings.

My mum was with us on this trip, this is her kayak. Bush Boy was only three, and both the soother and the rubbing of his ear were security to him. He loved being on the water, though, and would ask to go out every day.

Loon Bay started our passion for picking a new campsite using the Backroad Map book every year. At  least once a year, usually in the spring, we try to find a new-to-us campground to explore.



  1. It looks so peaceful! I’ve never actually heard (or seen) a loon but I really want to…so cool that you had that experience. I think picking a new campsite each year is a great tradition…sometimes I think we get stuck in a rut of going to where we know we’ll like instead of exploring our state and others a bit more. You’re providing me inspiration to be better about it.

  2. how cute to get to see a little bushboy!

    and i like your tradition of exploring a new campsite each year. we should take a page out of your book as we always like to camp at the same spot at the same campground.
    oh i love loons too – since moving to minnesota i’ve had more chances to hear them… they’re almost magical.

    have a godo weekend!!

    • Oh, we still go to our favourite site (Ralph River) every year as well! I guess it depends how many times you can get out camping. We try for at least four times in the season, more if we can fit it in.

  3. just beautiful! what a lovely memory, thanks for sharing!

  4. Your Mum sounds like an adventurous lady, unlike myself. ha ha Thx for sharing your wonderful pics. Bush Boy looks safe & secure with ? Loons ARE magical sounding, esp. late at night with their lonely, mysterious calls.

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