Posted by: Kate | January 25, 2010

Modern Bushman

This picture is a near perfect representation of Bush Boy. He is an odd mixture of outdoor living with modern edges, a rocker meets rancher, a hands-on guy with a love for technology. Both the hat and the iPod were Christmas presents, and both are used regularly (in fact the hat was worn to school today as his raincoat hood is too short and it is torrential outside). The focus on something else, staring off into the distance, is also classic Bush Boy, he is often in his own world.



  1. A perfect picture! He’s a treasure that one.

  2. I love it. Handsome pic of Bush Boy, reminiscent of Harrison Ford’s, “Indiana Jones”. Great hat!

  3. kim’s right – there is a definite “indiana jones” vibe to the hat, very rugged yet sophisticated!

  4. That’s such a great picture (and I LOVE that hat). I think it’s a good mix (especially considering how else do we get music at our fingertips without technology…and that’s vital!) and bush boy wears modern and rugged well!

  5. Awesome picture! Looks like bush boy has really grown up this year too.

  6. He truly is a beautiful boy. I love to see that openness of expression on a child’s face.

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