Posted by: Kate | January 21, 2010

Thoughts in the Sun

Standing in the sunshine outside the school, I worked quietly on my knitting. A group of boys, my son included, were playing hockey on the cement in front of me. Makeshift goals and water hazards in the form of puddles, and uneven teams (3 against 2) didn’t stop them from taking the game seriously. They ran hard, calling out passes and strategies and “go go go” to each other as they trade whacks at the ball. They aren’t great hockey players, none of these kids will be in the NHL or even the minors. That doesn’t take away from the intensity, the enjoyment or the thrill of the game. This is serious business, this pick up hockey game. Serious, that is, until someone needs a time out to call home, and someone else says “cool me off” – inviting sprays of water from the puddles.

As I knit on my sock, I contemplate this world of boys. They are so in the moment, so involved in what they are doing. They aren’t wondering what’s for dinner, should we walk the dog when we get home or after dinner, when am I going to get my book report done. The only thing that exists is the hockey game and the next goal.

The welcome winter sun warms my hands as I knit.



  1. A wonderful story, brings back memories of my step-son and his friends playing hockey, anywhere that they could set up their ramshackle net and usually without (a net). Memories of him & his Dad going to every practice, all the games, sometimes I would go along. This was their special time tog. Those were ‘the times of our lives’, and knowing in the backs of our minds, that it was special. Thx Kate for sharing this moment in time. I hope your son & friends will play many many more games, playing the good old hockey game, on the Island :) So cool.

  2. this is a beautiful post. children are so inspiring, i wish i was able to be that in the moment… i’m working on it, but it comes to them so naturally.

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to live that in the moment. It sounds wonderful…

  4. wonderful, so sweet

  5. what a lovely post! it’s true- we really need to take a moment sometimes to learn from our ‘younger, wiser’ friends!

  6. Those times when I do manage to just live in the moment and not worry about what comes next…it’s probably the only time I feel peaceful.

    Your words here are like poetry Kate.

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