Posted by: Kate | January 18, 2010

West Coast Storms

We don’t call them hurricanes, or typhoons. We just call them a typical west coast winter storm. The havoc they cause is intense, in particular with the trees that come down (I’ve seen a number of roofs wrecked this winter already from trees coming down on them). Last night a storm blew in from the south-east, as most of our winter storms do. It happened mostly over night, although the wind is still gusty and the ocean is rolling this afternoon. The sun is now shining, so we went to do some exploring down at the shore.

Well, we obviously weren’t getting down to the beach that way! So instead we took some pictures of the log debris that washed up last night.

Logs on either side of the path.

The bobcat was further down the path, they had already cleared most of the debris. You can see in the picture below how close the logs were to the street, and in fact there was evidence closer to town that logs had gone across the road.

The last two pictures are standing above the massive log jam, looking first south and then north. Note the logs on top of the breakwater rocks!

These logs are why we are allowed beach fires in the summer — they need to get cleared out somehow to make way for the next winter’s wash ups!



  1. wow – what amazing pictures. completely mind-boggling for an midwesterner like myself who only sees trees on the ground like that after a tornado!

  2. this is incredible! wow!!!

  3. Yes, wasn’t that a wild storm last night! With the highest intensity early in the morning!

  4. Incredible photos. I hope no one was hurt. Makes for great beach-combing, I would expect? I don’t know, being the landlubber that I am. Think miles & miles of prairie with the Rocky Mountains thrown in for fun. ha ha But hey, I’m getting a bit closer! To the ocean, that is. heh heh. :)

  5. I cant beleive all those logs…wow!! amazing and the idea that having a bonfire to clear them. No sights like that here!

    ps…havent been online much gotta catch up with all your news here now…off to read…..

  6. Wow. We’ve never gotten debris like that!

  7. Very impressive. I hope the damage wasn’t too bad for people/houses/pets. By the way…I like your new header being part of one of these pictures!

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