Posted by: Kate | January 15, 2010

From the Photo Archives

Welcome to my new Friday Feature – From the Photo Archives. Although I post a lot of current photos, I also have a lot of unused photos in my files. On Fridays I will feature one of those photos, with a back story. I hope it will encourage some of you to do the same.

To begin, I asked my guys what I should do on Fridays on the blog. Mr. Kate suggested a countdown to camping. Although I am using the photo archives, I thought I could still incorporate that idea. So until our first camping trip, usually the May long week-end, I will feature pictures and stories from past trips.

Today’s photo comes from Easter week-end 2007. We camped at Gordon Bay with Nadine and her husband (our regular spring camping companions). That spring followed the winter of terrible rain and windstorms, and the damage around was unbelievable. The campground was only about 1/4 open, as they were still cleaning up fallen branches and trees from the rest of the facility. On the Saturday, we went exploring a little further afield and drove down to the Nitnat Forestry Site. It was closed to cars, so we walked in. We were not prepared for what we saw. It was like someone had come through with a giant bowling ball and snapped the trees off about 20 feet above the ground. Last I heard, this campground was not rebuilt, although perhaps parts of it were. Note in the picture that the little blue coat is Bush Boy clambering over the logs! What we are attempting to walk along here is the road through the campground.


  1. oh i love this new friday idea!

    this is an amazing picture – it looks like a tornado tore through there – crazy!
    i look forward to hearing your camping stories and seeing the beautiful country in which you camp!

  2. Ok, I’ll miss the quotes, but I like this idea a lot. :) Maybe seeing your pictures every week through winter will inspire me once spring hits to take the time off, listen to Ed, get my butt out there and enjoy what I’m working to protect.

    This shot is great…nature never ceases to amaze me in both her beauty and her fury.

  3. We went camping that same weekend on the West Coast – couldn’t believe the number of trees down at the French Beach campground. It was beautiful in a wild way!

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