Posted by: Kate | January 14, 2010

Brighten Up My Day

It is very grey, windy and gloomy around here these days. I miss the sun.

Tuesday was my 500th post. I had meant to notice it, but it snuck past me in the end, so here I am posting my 500th post as my 501st post.

Blogging has changed my life. It has allowed me to connect with people around the world, as far away as Australia, the east coast of the U.S. and closer to home as well. I have been able to write, to share my ideas and passions, to brag, to commiserate, to express my frustrations and to play with my photos. This blog has brought me pleasure.

In honour of my 500th post, I would like to host a contest. I love to knit, and can’t possibly use all my knitting. So I would like to offer up a knitting goody bag. A scarf and some cloths, I think, although I may tailor it to the recipient. To enter, tell me in the comments about your blogging experience. If you have one, what does it mean to you or what has it done for you? If you are more of a reader, then tell me what blogs give you.

The contest will run until Sunday night and I will use random numbers to pick a winner.

Stay tuned tomorrow for a new Friday Feature. And thank you for sharing this journey with me.


  1. I’m more of a reader than a blogger. Yours is one of the few I never miss. I like the way you think and express yourself. I love your photos and I get a real kick out of your bush boy – he’s a great kid.
    Thanks for the pleasure you bring to me!

  2. Love your photos!! I’ve had a blog for 3 1/2 years. When I started blogging, my intent was to keep it knitting related. However, I have found over a time, it’s been so many things, other than that. I blog about quilting, about breast cancer awareness, and mostly about my boys and the trials and tribulations of being a parent. My readers have provide me great support in my most trying times!

  3. I love blogging. It’s opened up my world in a big way, introduced me to people I consider my friends, even though we’ve never met IRL and may never. It’s given me a real feeling of community, while I’m sitting alone behind my desk.

  4. wow – congratulations on 500 (and one) posts!! that is an amazing feat!

    i’ve been blogging for just a year and a bit, and (as you know) i share a blog with my two dearest friends from college. we started the blog to keep closer tabs on each others crafty pursuits, but i have been pleasantly surprised by how many other bloggers i have made a connection with (yourself being one of the most inspiring).

  5. Congrats Kate! Yours is a great blog. I love the little (and big) insights, the photos, and the antics of life up Island.

    What has blogging brought to me? I’m a reader, mostly ‘stalker’, rarely commenter. I kept a fundraising blog for a month once and found it to be a lot of work! Blogs have let me see into so many people’s lives. But because I don’t comment much, in some ways it is like TV. I have learned an immense amount about knitting and have kept up on the latest knitting ‘trends’. I have learned about life in other places (Whitehorse, Toronto, Boston, Chicago, Vermont…) and have kept up with what some old friends are doing now that I don’t live in that town anymore. I also love reading some food blogs and have come away with many more recipes to try and ideas of different ways of doing things (the crockpot works great for making yoghurt!)

    Overall, blogs have been a wonderful addition to my life, but I need to become more interactive with the people behind the words.

  6. I hope very much you’ll continue to blog for at least another 500 posts my friend! I’ve so enjoyed reading about your life and getting to know you!

    Oh, what to say about blogging. I started a blog just as a way for friends and family to connect and to keep track of me. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that it would become such an integral part of my life and allow me to form such amazing friendships…but that’s exactly what it has done. As for reading…when I started to blog, it was like a huge world of inspiration opened up for me. Every day as I browse through new posts, I’m inspired in knitting, arts/crafts, cooking, photography, sustainability…I constantly find new book titles to read, movies to watch, patterns to knit, ideas to try, recipes to cook. Before, when I was too busy to be creative, I sort of shut that part of my brain down for long periods of time. Blogging has allowed me to constantly keep the creative bits churning even if I can’t actually make something at the moment. Which has made a huge difference in my life…most importantly my attitude and state of mind. Blogging never ceases to amaze me.

  7. Congratulations dear Kate!
    Where does the time go? I love to read your blog, it gives me a bit of an insight into your personality. And it’s great! The more I read and see, the more I want. You have a gentle, smart eloquence about you that draws me in everytime, to look at your inspiring photos, you do live in Paradise. Your ideas, plans, all continue to inspire. May the next 500 be just as fun :)

  8. I used to do my own blog / journal but have since then lost the gusto for it.

    I have very much enjoyed reading yours though. I must say that I truly do enjoy seeing this beautiful place we live through your eyes.

    I have recently been thinking about getting back to my blog as a way to track my quilting if nothing else, simply project by project.
    Who knows I may even write about the kids as to have something to help me remember and look back on ;-)

    Thanks for blogging Kate :-)

  9. Congrats on post 500!
    My two best friends and I started our blog a little over a year ago as a way to keep in touch with each other since we now live on opposite sides of the country. It has been both surprising and delightful that the blog has now reached out so much farther beyond the three of us to incorporate a whole new collection of wonderful friends. It’s just incredible how many new and lovely connections we’ve made- it has been so wonderful to meet you in this online universe!

  10. oh dear probably to late to enter your contest, but will tell you that blogging has changed my life! Its enabled me to meet people from different parts of the world, a bit like virtual penfriends, where I can see photos of what their daily world looks like and share in their lives – their feelings, worries, and joys. Its a wonderful feeling (especially at my age) to see what this wonderful technology offers! For me , I can then reciprocate and share my world with the readers who venture in to my small corner of the the net on my blog. Its a wonderful adventure every day!!

  11. Yeah – 500 posts!

    Blogging inspires me – both when I create my posts and read the posts of others. I live in a very small town with very little diversity, blogging opens up my world way beyond the my shores. I can’t imagine going back to my pre-blogging days.

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