Posted by: Kate | January 12, 2010

Wet, Tired, Content

Two days of skiing come and gone. Yesterday was very wet, likely the wettest I have ever been on skis. We only lasted three hours, as we were simply dripping by then. I could literally squeeze a cup of water out of my mitts. It hadn’t been raining that hard when we started, of course, but it got steadily worse as the day progressed.

Today was better, although not as gorgeous as it was down in town here. We were in and out of the mist most of the day, and then around 2 the rain started up again. We left shortly after.

So no, the weather wasn’t fabulous. But Bush Boy got to skip school, and we had two days together as a family being outdoors, cheering each other on (and up) and sharing a family experience. The skis are dripping in the hallway, the coats are hung up all over the downstairs to dry out, and we will be dreaming of skiing tonight, swishing down the slopes and making perfect turns.



  1. Hooray for skipping school for family time!

  2. I like your attitude…maybe not the greatest conditions for skiing, but you got outside and enjoyed some great family time! Sounds like the perfect outing!

  3. i agree with rachel – your (and the rest of your family’s) attitude is what made this such a wonderful adventure!
    i know lots of people who would have let the weather get them down.

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