Posted by: Kate | January 11, 2010

Winter Fun

We are off to the mountain today. Once again it is half-price week on our local ski hill, so we are taking full advantage and going up today and again tomorrow. The weather today is not great, and in fact we may decide not to ski when we get up the hill (it has warmed up and may be raining heavily up there). But for half price we could just ski a half day and feel good about it. Tomorrow is supposed to be a good day. Unfortunately we can’t choose the week or the day off, so we will make the best of it!

Bush Boy loves our skis all lined up like this. They’re waxed, his new (to him) skis are adjusted for his boots, our helmets are ready and our ski pants are found. Catch you on the slopes!


  1. I Hope you guys have / had a great time and that the weather is more desirable up there than it is down here!

  2. i know i’m behind in my blog reading (my computer was out of commission since sunday) and that you’re already home from your trip, but i did want to say that i agree with bushboy – i like the skis all lined up. it’s very brady bunch. :)

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