Posted by: Kate | January 7, 2010

The Perfect Book for Bush Boy

Bush Boy got many great gifts this year, all thoughtful and perfectly aligned with his interests. Perhaps one of the most apt was a book his Auntie Nadine sent him.

As you can see from all the sticky notes, this is a book Bush Boy takes seriously. He was hooked from the first page, which is this:

Needless to say, he now has an Essentials Kit of his own.

A few other pages he has marked:


Along with the Dangerous book, he also received a 1943 copy of this book from my step-mom:

Oh yes, a very content boy indeed.



  1. wow – what great books!
    what sorts of projects are in the 1943 book?

    • Everything from making a toy glider to how to make a door (!) to how to polish your bike. You can tell the era of the book by some of the projects. And the instructions are pretty terse on some of them, it’s quite funny!

  2. These are great! And even better how much he is enjoying them…again, shows some amazing character. You should be proud!

  3. I totally forgot about the Dangerous Boy book. I will make sure one enters the house soon. As for the other book? It is a quest and I will not sleep until I have found one.

    I wish Bush Boy and Youngest Son lived next door to each other.

  4. how fun!!

  5. I have several students who have that book and I am quite curious how the Canadian Edition differs from the American Edition.

    I’m waiting to see what great projects Bush Boy finds within the pages of the other book.

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