Posted by: Kate | December 17, 2009


Before I start this post, let me first say how much I appreciate the comments you have all left this week. I am very behind in replying to people, as this week is super busy with concerts, parties, etc. But I do appreciate you all!

So last night as I was finishing up another holiday knit, Mr. Kate said, “So what about my next sweater? You know, one in black, or maybe blue?” I looked at him to check he wasn’t joking. He wasn’t. I am quite tickled that he has asked for another sweater, as he doesn’t wear sweaters a lot, and obviously he really likes the last one I made him.

My son has also been after me to make him another sweater, with the same yarn I used for his Weasley sweater last year. Again, as he doesn’t wear sweaters often I know he really liked it! In fact, his friend was over a while back, and was admiring all my knitting. The friend commented that he wished someone in his family knit as it would be so nice to have soft knitted items. When the friend left, my son turned to me and asked if I would make the friend a sweater. When I said it was maybe a bit expensive, Bush Boy offered to buy the yarn!

It’s nice to be appreciated.



  1. that is so generous of bushboy to offer to buy the yarn. you are definitely raising a caring, thoughtful son.

    and woot woot for your knitting being appreciated!! gotta love it when they request things!!

  2. Very nice!

  3. it’s so wonderful to have people around who are handknit enthusiasts– especially when we are avid knitters looking for an excuse to make something else! what lucky friends and family you have!

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