Posted by: Kate | December 15, 2009

Snow Day

Our first snowfall of the season happened yesterday afternoon and night. It was beautiful!! I’d guess maybe around 10 cm (about 3-4 inches)?

Look, Melissa, we got a snow day too! There was lots of excitement and playing, and putting on chains and shoveling the driveway!

Unfortunately it won’t last, as it has warmed up this morning and is now raining. The world outside is a deep, slushy, slippery mess. School has been closed for the day due to the messy conditions, and yet the snow is too wet to want to play. But we can use the day to bake, and play inside, and just chill out — a perfect little break in this busy last week of school!



  1. hooray hooray for snow days!!

    it looks like a beautiful snow too! sorry it’s too wet and sloppy to go outside and play – but it sounds like you’re having a perfect snowday over there anyway!

    • I should have known Bush Boy wouldn’t be able to resist — he’s completely soaked two pairs of pants and two jackets, but he spent a large part of the day outside!

  2. love the snow when it first falls and hate that end bit of slushy muddy mess… no chance of any snow round here though! lol!

  3. It’s cool to see you that excited about it! Of course, on a capture we don’t stop when it snows so I tend to have a different attitude about it! :) It’s still beautiful though!

  4. sorry, i am way way behind on checking in with my favorite blogs– but a belated hooray to you for your snow day! aren’t snow days the best?!

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