Posted by: Kate | December 14, 2009

All You Need is Cardboard

Hockey is the new love of Bush Boy’s life. He spent some of his precious savings on a road hockey stick, which he takes to school everyday so that he can play in the ongoing game at recess. 30 kids, from Grade 1-6, all playing outside on the cement. So far no major conflicts or injuries, and everyday some very happy, well played-out kids.

So the other day I wasn’t too surprised to see this on my coffee table:

There was a matching goal and goalie at the other end.

Cardboard is a prime building source around here!



  1. wonderful!
    i love to see creative kids making their own fun!

  2. oh my this is so awesome!
    i agree with claire – making your own fun is always the way to go!!

  3. That is so cute. Don’t you love their imaginations?

  4. Great!

    The recess pick-up game sounds so fun…in grade 11 we did the same thing only with skipping. AMAZING. There were only nine of us in the class, 3 boys, 6 girls, and every one of us figured out double-dutch that year. We were so good at it. Don’t know why they bothered making us do PE at all, that semester!

  5. All hail coragated cardboard! Bow beneath its presence!

  6. That’s amazing and so great that 30 kids can play without conflict or injury!! And Bushboy continues to impress me with his ability to ‘make’ his fun! Seems you are raising an incredible kid!

  7. I love that photo. And the fact that all those kids can play together in peace and harmony.

  8. Good Canadian Boy! Let him know that high blocker side is pretty wide open!

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