Posted by: Kate | December 7, 2009

It’s Beginning to Look … Well, You Know!

This week-end saw our house take on a festive look, at Bush Boy’s insistence!

First we did the tree. This year we opted for a blue and metallic look, and I’m quite please with how it turned out.

Then today the gingerbread train was assembled.

This year we are determined to keep the dog away from the gingerbread (never did share that story, about the dog destroying the gingerbread house the day after we made it – oh the tears), the only one biting the train will be Bush Boy!

Not yet, little boy!!



  1. love your blue tree!

    and the train is awesome! i love the peppermint wheels.
    we have a gingerbread house kit from *last* year that we still need to make. lily keeps talking about eating it… i keep telling her it’s over a year old and that may not be a good idea… only time will tell what happens…

  2. It all looks so festive! And so great that Bush Boy pushed the issue! I’ll take any photos you have–I won’t have the joy of decorations until I get back east right before Christmas! I’m living vicariously through my friends!

  3. Everything looks great! Hope you can keep the dog away….

  4. Love you tree too… apparently nordic blue is all the go this yr!! mmm love the baked train – scrumptious!!

  5. I “think” you did share the dog story last year?!

  6. Hey, my comment is from you! Must be from when you logged onto my laptop?! haha
    Happy Christmas prep!

  7. Nadine knows the story, but it was in my scrapbook that she saw it :)

    I fixed nadine’s first comment, but originally it said it was from me, which totally confused me when I saw it in my inbox!

    And I must remember from now on to log out properly from other computers! ;-)

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