Posted by: Kate | December 3, 2009

Look Up

I was working away on an edit job, when I heard a thud over in the kitchen and then the conversational yowl of Torti. As I heard another odd noise I realized I had better go investigate. Walking into the kitchen I heard her yowl at me again …. and I looked up.

Apparently the pantry door needed investigating….

But then she realized it was a long way down….

Then she realized she couldn’t jump down.

She showed her appreciation of my rescue by adding to my scratch collection.

I could be at an office, dressed in office clothes and talking to adults. But then, who would be home to rescue a wayward cat?


  1. oh my! how did she ever manage to get up there?

    cats are silly.

  2. And then she’s wondering why is human just standing there taking pictures of me when I’m in this predicament?? How DID she get up there? Cats. Definitely a unique critter. Love them!

  3. LOL, never a dull moment when a kitty is around. I know those “thud” sounds well, they always need to be investigated to see what on earth the darn cat is up to now!

  4. Oh my gosh – how on Earth did she get up there? We have an 18 pound cat. I don’t have to worry about her doing things like that…

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