Posted by: Kate | December 1, 2009

What Superhero Would You Be?

Meet Junior Wolverine. No, he hasn’t seen the movies. He’s seen an old comic book, and an old action cartoon. It was the claws that got his attention. Those are retractable claws (through the gloves even) he’s sporting.

The power of imagination in an engineering brain… See the claws, want the claws, build the claws. The power of imagination continued in the 9-year-old engineering brain …. scare the animals and defend the world against the annoying people.

Oh, and we love Meccano. Really, we need nothing other than Lego, Meccano, and art supplies around here to keep the imagination moving.


  1. retractable claws are quite impressive! love his superhero stance too.

  2. I love it!

  3. LOVE

  4. As it should be!!

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