Posted by: Kate | November 24, 2009

Christmas Crafting

That’s right, I said the C word!

Seems that the holiday time is fast approaching, even if I feel like it is only mid-October. My son is in the middle of test week for report cards, he has begun his annual Pennies for Presents campaign at the school, and my husband’s work is doing the decorating tonight.

That means … time for Christmas crafting! This year my serious knitting is limited to a few close people, and includes a shawl, gloves, socks and scarves. Of course, many people get dishcloths. The set I’m doing for my son’s teacher is all Christmas colours:

(Patterns are: Cotton Dishrag, Playful Plaid, and Modular Dishcloth – this last one is a Ravelry link.)

For the third year, I will be making calendars for members of my family. These calendars feature all my favourite pictures of Bush Boy from the past year. I also do a theme every year, so this year I am using one word to describe an attribute of the picture and then a quote that matches the word. Here is one of the calendars in progress:

So, what are you crafting this season?


  1. Right now I’m working on a batch of baby toques to be sent off to a couple of old friends that have recently had babies. Other than that I would like to get to some Brigg’s & Little Tuffy for a couple more pairs of ridiculously long socks for my hubby and Pa. If I manage to get them done then I will consider making a toque or two for the kids and maybe a cowl for a friend.

  2. i’ll say again that i love those dishcloths – bushboy’s teacher is lucky!

    and the calendar looks amazing – what a great gift idea! i like the idea of coordinating quotes too. you’re so clever and inspiring!!

  3. Very cool! I’m done with dishcloths and the shawl, now doing a couple of quick scarves, and that will be it.

  4. I am crafting a whole lot of nothing. Well, nothing that is intended for gifts of the season.

    As a rule I begin holiday knitting in August. Not this year. This year the only things I am currently knitting are things I plan to keep.

    I feel free and unincumbered. It is good.

  5. Thanks for posting some pics of your calendar! I love it and I can see why they are requested every year! And you always make the greatest dishcloths!

    I won’t be doing much this year…not enough time. But I’m almost done a scarf my mom requested and then I have a couple dishcloths that were requested…and then that darn Melissa got me started on the mug snugglers so I see a few of those in my future! If time allows, I want to do a small paper-cut for a friend, but that may have to wait until next year. And the calendars of course which are almost ready for printing. That’s enough! :)

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