Posted by: Kate | November 9, 2009

Some Days

I have a friend in hospital who is awaiting her third surgery to repair a shunt in her brain. Two emergency repairs — the first one last week and one on the week-end — didn’t take. This has been an ongoing medical condition, but one which hasn’t given her many problems as an adult.

She has kids. She is scared, and feels guilty, and is being a typical mother who doesn’t want to allow herself to need help. She’s in a hospital too far away for her to see the kids every day.

Some days, life is serious and scary and you can’t control it.



  1. Oh dear…I will hope for the best.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Life is sometimes very scary. I have had several moments in my life such as this. I hope for the best for your friend.

  3. sending positive energy to you and your friend. hope all goes well for her.

  4. It is. I hope that soon a treatment/surgery will help her condition…and thus allow her to return to her family.

  5. Thanks everyone. We are still waiting to see how things turn out, but she seems to be in better spirits.

  6. My thoughts & prayers are with her and her children during a difficult time. God speed.

  7. Just so you know it’s me :)

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