Posted by: Kate | November 5, 2009

Outfitting the Fisherman

Fly fishing on the west coast means a lot of time spent standing in cold water. When sports socks get wet, they get cold and clammy – making for a frustrated and cold fisherman. But when you have a knitting wife, there must be a solution!

Mr. Kate has never asked for socks before, as he rarely wears them in the house. So when I took this project upon myself I wasn’t sure what he would think. Once he got to try it on as the leg was being knit, he couldn’t wait for me to finish.

fishermans socks4

I used Possum Merino from New Zealand. This is a possum/merino/silk/nylon blend which is quite reasonable in price and gives good yardage, I was able to do two socks, men’s size 12, from one and a quarter skeins. The yarn is available at Fun Knits, although it is not on the website currently.

The yarn was lovely, but it took me a while to get into the groove with it. The suggested needle size made way too floppy a fabric, so I had to experiment with gauge. I settled on a 2.5mm needle. The pattern is my own, 2×2 rib for one inch, 7 inches of 3×1 rib, a short row heel and a stockinette foot.

fishermans socks5

I am very happy to be finished with them, but judging from the expression on his face, they may not be the last pair of large socks I make.



  1. Your done for now. It did not take long for Husband to move from really liking hand knit socks, to wearing ONLY handknit socks.

  2. socks look great!
    hooray for possum yarn!!

  3. They look great Kate!

    I too have recently received a request for another pair or two of the ridiculously long mans work socks….gah the things we do to ourselves :)

  4. These look great…warm and cozy! No wonder they make him happy!

  5. Such a nice gift. He’s going to get spoiled…

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