Posted by: Kate | November 3, 2009

Five Things

Saw this over on Lain’s new blog, Five Things, today and it struck me as a good exercise. Admitting that there are things we admire and love but that aren’t really part of our make-up, or part of our lives,is important. So I present to you:

Five Things I Love but Will Never Do

1. Be a Carefree World Traveler

I really admire people who can travel for long periods of time with little planning. They move around when the mood strikes, and go where the wind blows. I love to read or watch the adventures these types of travelers have, and have even felt a little envy when I’ve seen some of the fabulous experiences. The truth is, however, that I am not a person who can travel that way. I like to have a plan. I’m not so rigid that I can’t adjust my plans as opportunities arise, however I like a home base and a list. I’m more of a rent a house for a month kind of traveler. And that’s ok.

2. Attend a Rock Concert

I love rock music. Love it. I have been to one concert, when I was 19 – Bon Jovi. It was great and the band was fabulous. However, I don’t really like loud, crowded places. I just don’t. My head hurts after, it’s so loud the music gets distorted and I’m little and people step on me a lot. So the truth is, as much as I love the rock bands and would love to see them perform, a rock concert is just not the event for me.

3. Drive a Classic Corvette

My favourite car of all time. I can’t reach the peddles. ‘Nough said.

4. Keep my House Always Presentable

I so admire my friends whose houses are always neat. You walk in and the books are stacked nicely, the pillows are on the couch, the coffee table is clear. They do this regularly, their houses look like this every day. I love the look. But it is just not going to happen in my house. I am not that committed to it, and I am a messy piler.

5. Have a Big Family

I know, my choice here. I don’t necessarily mean children, though. I mean the kind of family where everyone gathers for Christmas, and has summer holidays together. Mr. Kate and I both have very small, and somewhat dysfunctional families. There are no cousins for Bush Boy. Both of my parents immigrated to Canada as adults and left behind family, so I don’t know my extended family very well. Mr. Kate is the youngest in his extended family by six years, most of the cousins are 10-15 years older, so he didn’t grow up with them as friends. We perhaps could have rectified that by having more children, but that wasn’t in the cards for us. So here we are, two people who love the idea of big family gatherings, without a big family.

This was an interesting list to create, and I liked thinking about what things do I say I love, but really know I’ll never do. Do share your list, if you feel so inclined, in the comments or on your own blog.



  1. Thanks for doing this! It’s interesting to see other people’s lists.

  2. very interesting list.
    i too fear that i will never have a perfectly clean home, just not high on my priorities list i guess…. i’m a fan of the messy pile too!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your list, thanks so much for sharing it! Maybe I’ll try it too.

  4. Thanks for sharing Kate. Very enjoyable read. We’ll have you and yours over for a dinner or BBQ when the weather smartens up… you can be a part of our extended family ;-) I would be happy to have you guys!

  5. I’ve been thinking about this list and what would be on mine all week. It’s a rather interesting exercise, isn’t it? Perhaps I will attempt my own list and blog it this month.

    BTW–thanks for the link to her 5-things site. I love the concept and have enjoyed her posts so far!

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