Posted by: Kate | October 15, 2009

We Caved, But I’m Warm Now

OK, so really I caved. I’m the one in the house all day after all. The one who works at my desk with sweater, slippers, and fingerless gloves on. So yes, today I did it. I turned on some heat. Which means I turned the baseboard heaters in my front room and entrance way to, gasp, 16 degrees C. (60 degrees F)

The thing is, I live with these two males who are almost always warm. And when they’re not, it’s because they’re wearing t-shirts and no socks, so can easily remedy by putting on a long sleeved shirt (or, worst case scenario, a pair of socks – though never for Bush Boy). We sleep with our window wide open. In fact, hot places often give both of them nose bleeds. So I tend to regulate myself with clothing layers, rather than the heaters. But I have noticed the blankets have come out in the evening when we are in the living room….

I think this is the latest we have gone without turning on the heat. The damp and cooler temperatures this week pushed me over the edge, but I do hope to be more conscious of how I use the heat this winter. For instance, we all leave the house in the mornings, so I won’t turn it on until I get home. And cooking heats our house nicely (open downstairs floor plan) so the heat can go way down in the evening.

How about you, how does the temperature get regulated in your house?


  1. I’m home all day, but I have a good tolerance for cool, plus my little office is pretty toasty for some reason, so I keep the daytime temp low and just add sweaters/shawls as needed, and I’m fine. Turn up the heat around 4 when people are coming home from school/work, then down again at bedtime. It does help with the heating bills.

  2. I work from home…but I do have a little office space that can be closed off pretty well. I use a small space heater in there most of the winter and keep the rest of the house set to 50. About 15 minutes before I start making supper, I turn the heat in the main house on so I don’t freeze cooking/eating dinner! And then turn it off again when we are done eating and I retreat back to my office. If it’s really cold outside, the heat comes on a bit more simply because we have no heat upstairs in our bedroom and it has been known to get below freezing up there. Turning the heat on downstairs at least keeps it above freezing! :)

    I will say though that anytime I take off from work…an evening or a weekend day, the heat comes on enough to be comfortable so that I can knit or whatever in comfort. Those times are few and far between though!

    Our problem is our house is old, has huge single-paned windows, no insulation in the walls…and so heating it is an expensive thing since the warm air pretty much passes through the dang walls and windows. The plan I use above which means I stay cold a lot still gets us heating bills that are hard to deal with. We’re saving to try and replace all the windows and maybe spray insulation into the walls. Hopefully soon!

  3. We have a gas fireplace in our family room which can warm the room up in no time. Trouble is, I have difficulty getting my butt out into the rest of the house, especially on a really miserable day. I can knit and read and listen to podcasts all from the comfort of my little chair by the fire.
    We keep the thermostats in the main part of the house at around 18 degrees and shut the doors to all the rooms that have doors to shut.
    I have been watching a lot of BBC DVD’s lately, Dickens and Catherine Cookson stories, that really make me appreciate my creature comforts. Hard to imagine the cold, damp and dark of those times. Brrrr.

  4. i have a husband who is the exact opposite of the men in your house – he is always cold and always lets me know about it :)
    this year i am pushing him to his limits setting our thermostat at 66 deg fahrenheit (19 c).
    we too have a house that is poorly insulated with not very efficient windows and dream of the day when we can rectify that….

    • I have to admit that we have a pretty new house (six years old) with no crawl space or basement, so it is easy to heat quickly and efficiently. But I’ve lived in an old, drafty house, so know what that’s like!

  5. Every year I hold out turning on the heat until October. Some years it is tough, this year was easy. Even with the thermostat set to a balmy 64 it is cold in here. Old house, enormous windows, wind blowing off the water… Sweaters and socks are a must. I like to build a fire in the afternoon/evening when everyone is able to hang out in the living room together.

  6. We broke down and turned ours on about a week ago. My son, who is never cold, was asking for socks and sweaters, so I know the house was freezing! Now my bedroom is a 64 degrees – warm and toasty.

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