Posted by: Kate | October 13, 2009

Just In Time

The rains have come at last, and our glorious summer has finally come to an end. We were all taking advantage of every last bit of it, this week-end. My mum gardened with Bush Boy (he stayed at her house overnight), Mr. Kate cleaned out the garage so that the glass patio table and the chairs and the bbq and the motorbike could all fit in for the winter, and I gardened.

My garden needed some final tlc before I ignore it until the spring. I don’t do a full clean-out until the spring, but I needed to  add soil into all the beds and cut back the herb garden.

garden oct12-1

That was accomplished in the back yard, and the soil looks much happier, as do the herbs (they have room once more). No, I haven’t cut down my bean vines yet, I keep passing them by as I do the other jobs and then forgetting!

The biggest job was to thin and weed the strawberry box. My strawberries were so thick in there this year that they started to mould and mildew before I could get to them all. So I was ruthless, and thinned them right out. There were a lot of volunteer plants in there as well, which got the old heave-ho!

Strawberry box one quarter done.

Strawberry box one quarter done.

We are supposed to have some sun next week-end, so I’m hoping to empty all my deck planters and add compost to the front bed. But I feel like the important jobs are done, and it can rest until the spring now.



  1. I’ve got one more day of outdoor ‘winterizing’ tasks as well as some garlic planting and sticking a few bulbs I bought on a whim in the ground! Frost hit hard so we tilled the gardens under this weekend which was a relief in a way!

    Your space is looking good and I’m sure it feels great to have that accomplished this fall!

  2. gardens look great! beautiful actually!
    i’m hoping to get my garden/yard ready for winter this weekend. i’m a tad behind though, we’ve had two light snows already this week!

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