Posted by: Kate | September 21, 2009

Stocking Up

All that salmon that was caught in late August/early September is finally getting processed today. Thankfully Mr. Kate had already cut it all into fillets before freezing it, so we simply defrosted it yesterday and then put it into our brine overnight. This morning we rinsed them, patted them down, let them air dry for a short time on the racks and then turned on the smoker.

Wish you could smell it!

Wish you could smell it!

Tomorrow we will do a batch of candied smoked salmon, as it is Bush Boy’s favourite.

Next up to stock the winter pantry …. zucchini relish!

The last two from the garden.

The last two from the garden.



  1. Smoked salmon, yum!!

  2. hooray for stocking up for winter!
    that smoker is quite impressive, i love smoked salmon, how great to make your own.

  3. I’ve never heard of zucchini relish…what do you eat it on? Mmmm…smoked salmon.

  4. Please pass along the zucchini relish recipe.

    I am such a lame gardener that I did not have a single zucchini. Lots of beautiful blossoms. All talk and no show.

    I know it is not really me, it is the soil. This winter will be spent learning how to fix it. At least I hope it is the soil, if not, it is me…

  5. Yum. What is candied smoked fish? I’ve never heard of it.

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