Posted by: Kate | September 18, 2009

Friday Quote

If she had been told that Coop mused on her brown shoulders, that he had been remembering how she had saved his life in that ice storm, that somehow she was perhaps the heroine of their meeting, she would not have believed such a thing. We relive stories and see ourselves only as the watcher or listener, the drummer in the background keeping cadence.”

-Divisadero, by Michael Ondaatje

Do you agree with this?



  1. Interesting question to consider. I believe it’s personality dependent. I think there are personality types where this statement simply isn’t true…that they are always the main character in their stories. Highly arrogant/vain people as well as those people who may or may not be arrogant…but can’t see past their own little circle in this world. But I think there are also personality types where this is absolutely true. And of course some in between.

    The quote made me look up the book and I’m considering adding it on to my reading list. I’ve not read this author yet so would you recommend this or another of his books to start (I see he wrote the English Patient as well but since I”ve seen the movie multiple times I probably wouldn’t read it anytime soon)?

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