Posted by: Kate | September 8, 2009


It’s always satisfying to get a big project of the needles. This cardigan was supposed to be done in the spring, but then the weather got hot and I lost my mojo for knitting something with long sleeves. I picked it up again in August knowing I would wear it come September.

neckdown cardy2

The pattern is my own, based on what I know of top-down raglans. I could have started with fewer stitches, but eh. Not such a big deal with this kind of cardigan. I did the stripes using the Fibonacci method, and really like how they came out. I love doing stripes on top-down raglans, as they go across the top of the sleeves with no effort from me.

neckdown cardy1

The yarn is Kool Kotton, a great blend of cotton and acrylic. Really soft and a pleasure to knit with. The sweater still needs a wash to even out some of the stitches, but all in all I am happy with this one.



  1. the cardigan looks great kate!
    *and* you designed it yourself?!? very impressive! i like the stripes a lot.
    it looks like a very comfortable sweater, and just in time for fall!

  2. Very nice! I love the stripes and the little collar. Looks comfy.

  3. I’m always a fan of using the Fibonacci method where stripes are concerned (it’s foolproof, don’t you think?). Looks lovely!

  4. I love this sweater. The stripes are perfect and the little collar makes it perfect.

  5. looks comfy and easy to wear… I wish I could knit like that!!

  6. Great design and execution! I love the stripes and for some reason the collar stands out to me as well! Looks like a great fall sweater!

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