Posted by: Kate | September 1, 2009

Island Road Trip, Part 2

One of the days we were in Victoria the three of us spent the day together, no visiting or extra stops. I looked around my childhood city for things to do with Bush Boy before we went, wanting to share something from my childhood with him. Many of the really touristy things are expensive, and some were west coast things that we could do anywhere. Then I remembered a staple of my childhood – Fort Rodd Hill. This National Historical Site has preserved this fort, one of the military west coast installments that was to protect the island in case of invasion from sea. The fort is in a beautiful location, and was the perfect place to spend a few hours. How do I know? Well, the constant “This is so awesome!” was a good clue.

When you enter the grounds you are given a map with a suggested walking tour. We happily followed along, reading fascinating signs, listening to taped recollections, and marvelling at the life of the fort 100 years ago. There were large guns, underground bunkers, a top-secret mission room and so much more to impress a 9-year-old boy. And to spend the time in a beautiful garry oak ecosystem — icing.

fort rodd hill

(Of course, I left my camera at our friends’ house where we were staying, so the only pictures are from Mr. Kate’s phone. )

The site is very well done; there is lots of history yet it is all outdoors with lots of room to run and the ability to climb and explore the buildings – something for both grown-ups and children. Not to mention amazing views of Victoria and Juan de Fuca Strait. We ate our lunch at one of the scattered picnic tables, amazed that so few people were on the grounds.

Most years when you visit you can also go see Fisgard Lighthouse, however right now they are renovating it so we couldn’t go right up to it.  It is the oldest lighthouse on BC’s coast, and is a pretty sight to behold. Perfect for photographs!

fisgard lighthouse

What a great way to spend a beautiful day in Victoria. I know we will go back.


  1. I adore lighthouses kate! any photos of it closer up?

  2. We used to go to Fort Rodd Hill every time we went to Victoria when I was a kid. LOVED it!

  3. What a great vacation! I’ve been to Victoria once for a few days and really enjoyed myself. I don’t tend to like cities but Victoria just has a different ‘feel’ to it. We also scuba dived while there which was quite memorable! So cold, but so cool!

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