Posted by: Kate | August 18, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

There are some very low tides this week, which make for perfect reef walking. We are fortunate to have a great reef just five minutes away, so this morning Bush Boy, the dog and I went for an oceanside adventure.

The reef.

The reef.

The first thing we always notice are all the ochre starfish. There are hundreds of them, most of them clumped together, safety in numbers I guess.

An ochre starfish bed.

An ochre starfish bed.

This time we were amazed by the number of sunflower starfish we saw, in many different sizes and colours.

sunflower star1 orange sunflower star

We came across one of the biggest anemones I had ever seen in a tidepool. I believe it is a painted anemone. We also found what we think is another painted anemone hanging down below a rock, as well as a mossy chiton attached to another rock.

painted sea anemone sea cucumber mossy chiton

Then, there are the rocks to be carefully picked up and looked under (and then oh so carefully put back).

After an hour we were done. The dog had swum, the tide was coming in and the midday sun was getting very hot.

I am so aware of all the beauty around us, and I am aware of how lucky we are.



  1. wow… I am sitting here in total wonder! never seen anything like it… those starfish look so big and a bit scary too…but its all so beautiful! wow again! is it ok to pick them up? they dont bite or anything?

    it looks like youve had a wonderful summer there this year!

  2. wow kate – what fantastic pictures! i can’t get over all the starfish!
    and the sea cucumbers! i don’t know why they struck me so much, but i’ve only ever seen them in aquariums. amazing to see them in the wild.
    thanks so much for sharing your corner of paradise with those of us who are landlocked!

  3. What an amazing day/adventure. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many starfish in one place…thanks so much for sharing. It’s so cool how aware you are of the beauty that surrounds you!

  4. So cool. My children would have been enthralled! In my son’s eyes, nothing beats new critters to explore.

  5. I am awestruck!

    • Thanks – it was amazing!

      • 😊👍

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