Posted by: Kate | August 17, 2009


fish boy!

Bush Boy caught his first river-run salmon this week-end. On a fly rod. And he did the whole thing himself. (The other fish was caught by Dad.)

Perseverance pays off. We never thought he would stay patient long enough with a rod to catch fish, so this is a huge accomplishment.

We ate one for dinner last night. Delicious.



  1. Could that smile be any bigger……such wonderful memories this boy will have of this summer.

  2. Pure joy!!!! Such an awesome picture, great one for the scrapbook.

  3. Good for him! Congratulations to the bush boy :D

  4. Yeah! I can only imagine how he must have been beaming all night long! I’m glad you cooked it for him. Did HE like it?

  5. What a great photo. You captured his joy.

  6. Look at that awesome smile! What a moment to capture ‘on film’!

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