Posted by: Kate | August 13, 2009

It’s His Knitting

My husband in the last two years has become a fly fisherman. This area is perfect for it, as there are so many rivers and lakes. It gets him outside, in the fresh air, and helps him find some contentment.


Mountain lake fishing.

Mountain lake fishing.


He reads magazines and books and websites about fly fishing, loves to look at new product – flies, rods, gear, talks about it to anyone who’ll listen, and can’t wait to get to it every chance he has.

Seriously, people. It’s his knitting.



  1. When you put it like that, I totally understand.

  2. a very relaxing pastime… looks gorgeous there – peaceful and the perfect place for some downtime alone!

  3. So true. For my hubby it is puttering with electronics.

  4. Tim is starting to venture into the fly fishing pastime. He doesn’t have a very long attention span for things like this so we’ll see how it goes…I really want him to get into so he can understand my knitting/scrapbooking/photography obsessions.

  5. It’s great that he has something that he enjoys so much. My husband doesn’t really have any hobbies…he works so much that he rarely takes time to do anything else. In fact, the last time we were at the beach and he was watching me knitting he remarked that he didn’t understand why I did it because it seemed like more work and more stress. I FINALLY understood at that point why he really doesn’t have any hobbies…he has yet to find something that he enjoys enough to consider it more than just ‘more work’. It’s sort of fascinating to me…that difference between us.

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