Posted by: Kate | August 10, 2009

Lower Myra Falls

One of our favourite spots in Strathcona Park is Lower Myra Falls. As their name suggests, these falls are the second set on the Myra Creek — there is an Upper Falls as well which is in the forest up above the lakes (we have hiked there many times). Lower Myra Falls is a set of falls cascading over wide, stepped rocks, ending up in Buttle Lake. The rock is evidence of seismic activity, a place where the earth has split and then split again.

The falls are powerful, but the large flat rocks allow for great viewing. We are always very careful as the rocks can be slippery, and of course we keep the dog on leash (the day before we visited a big dog had jumped over the top viewing area and had to be rescued from a ledge by search and rescue volunteers).


The middle section of Lower Myra Falls.

The middle section of Lower Myra Falls.


We have even climbed down through the trees to the bottom of the falls, where there is a great fishing pool and access to Buttle Lake. But this time we were content to hang out up top, and enjoy the awesome power of water.


Three generations.

Three generations.



  1. Looks like a beautiful spot. Your son is so lucky you share these things with him. So many kids these days are “indoor kids.” So sad…

  2. what a lovely spot – I also love those multi generation photos! they are priceless!

  3. beautiful kate.
    i love the little rainbow and the three generations + doggy.

  4. Beautiful location! And great picture of the multi-generations!

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