Posted by: Kate | August 4, 2009

Retaining My Title

Two years ago I crowned myself The Bean Queen. If there is one thing I can grow really well, it’s beans!

This year the harvest began with bush beans. I always plant a mix of yellow, green and purple bush beans. Apparently this year I planted more yellows than the other two kinds. Which is great, as we love them! I have enough that as well as eating them almost every night and passing some along to others, I am freezing some batches for the winter. (Have I told you about Bush Boy’s love of all frozen fruits and vegetables? Eaten while still frozen?)

yellow beans

This is the bush bean patch:

bush beans

And this is the pole bean and runner bean patch (these plants just began producing this week – yum!):

pole beans and runner beans

The plants aren’t as green this year, note the yellow leaves at the bottom. We had only one day of rain in July, and are now on severe water restrictions. I can only hand water my garden early in the morning. Unfortunately the garden is reflecting this. I do wish I had mulched the garden early in the summer once the plants were up, and I will have to make note to do it next year.



  1. When did you plant your beans?

  2. the beans look tasty!
    all hail the bean queen! :)

    i am feeling your pain about the dryness and not mulching – i wish i had mulched this year too.
    but like you said, there’s always next year!

  3. […] most satisfying thing to grow. I was skeptical (after all, radishes are pretty darn easy and I have a thing for the beans, you know) but I thought why not, and in the fall, after cleaning out my beds, I […]

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