Posted by: Kate | July 29, 2009

Be Cool

It’s hot. We are in the midst of a wicked heat wave, breaking temperature records every day. Here is this week’s forecast:

(That is from 95-100 F for my southern friends.) On my south facing slope those temperatures are guaranteed to be a few degrees higher.

Like most people in this normally temperate clime, we don’t have air conditioning. My car does not have air conditioning. 

So, we come up with strategies to beat the heat. Lots of water balloons. Lots of fans. Lots of ice. Strategic opening of windows on the shady side of the house, closing when the sun reaches them. While the local watering holes are nice (if a tad busy now), we are hot by the time we get back home and sometimes the hot drive isn’t worth it.

The urge to be annoyed is higher in the heat, the tendency to get ticked off at little things is easy. We are all trying to practice a little zen.

I hope you are all staying and playing safe in this heat.


  1. It’s so weird. Normally that would be our forecast this time of year, but our highs are only in the 70s (F). I’m delighted–but it’s weird.

  2. Yesterday, Seattle’s temperture never went below 70. That is a first. Yes, the first time since records began being kept. Go to bed hot, wake up hot. Ick!

    A big thunderstorm would be so welcome right now.

  3. Me too! We had a big thunderstorm in Vancouver last Saturday night, and they went ahead with the fireworks planned over English Bay in spite of the storm. I really thought Armageddon had arrived! The sky was so red it made everything glow the same. I honestly thought there was a fire downtown. The thunder and lightning went on and on for hours, and the rain came pelting down in sheets – neither at all what we’re used to here. At least it cooled off for the rest of that night.

  4. Feeling your pain. I was hoping it would subside before I hit the field on Monday but I don’t think it will!

    We don’t have air conditioning either (I’m kinda anti AC) and so I play the game of the windows and fans. Up to about 90 it works well…but over that and it’s sweltering in the house! Keep cool!

  5. ugh, i feel your pain too. i hate weather that hot and to face it with no air conditioning? well that just doesn’t seem right!
    i’ll be sending cooler thoughts your way!

  6. nows them my kind of temps! we are so cold here I could do with a 38-er for a few days to warm up!!! enjoy the warmth!

  7. Feels like 38! I think I would be passes out on the floor!

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