Posted by: Kate | July 21, 2009

Looking at the Economy

I recently read “Deep Economy” by Bill McKibben. It is a discussion piece on changing accepted theories on growth economies.  McKibben looks at what growth economics has brought the globe, and what a different style of economics might bring instead. His discussion ranges from economic theory, to food logistics, to population growth to the conglomeration of radio stations in the U.S.

What I really want to say about this book is that everyone should read it. And I mean everyone. You don’t have to agree with McKibben in the end, but I think we all have to at least open our minds to alternative economies and theories. McKibben is a good writer and makes the topic accessible without ‘dumbing’ it down so much that you can’t take it seriously. He knows his stuff and has something important to say.

“Meanwhile, five companies control 75% of the global seed market, and their grip on the market is tightening as the seed companies patent more and more genetically modified varieties and prevent seed saving.”

For me, McKibben is putting voice to thoughts I have been having over the last 15 years. I knew there had to be someone else out there who had thought about the downfalls of a simple growth economy, and I was pleased to learn more. I was also pleased to read about places where local economies are happening.

If you do read it, please let me know what you think. And then pass it along to someone else to read. It’s an important book.



  1. thanks for the recommendation kate. this sounds like something i would like to read, i’ll get back to you with a report once i’m done.

  2. Clicking over the library to reserve a copy.

  3. My to-read list just keeps getting longer and longer. Quit that. :)

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