Posted by: Kate | July 16, 2009

Filling the Cupboard


This year a goal of mine was finally fulfilled. When I first planted my garden I knew that I wanted enough fruit from my strawberries and raspberries to not only eat them but also bake with them, freeze them and make jam from them.

This is the fifth summer in our house, and I finally was able to make both strawberry jam and raspberry jam solely from the fruits in my own garden.


7 jars of raspberry jam.

7 jars of raspberry jam.


A little thrill, perhaps, but a thrill none-the-less!


  1. Lovely!
    I don’t have a permanent house yet… so I don’t get my own berries. But I did get LOTS of apples and plums from the trees at my rental last year. And I go out to U-Pick places for raspberries and blueberries. It is SO satisfying to fill the cupboard and freezer.
    Congratulations on the berries!

  2. I am all kinds of envious!

  3. congratulations! that is no mean feat you’ve accomplished! i am duly impressed.

  4. Oh, that’s a great thing. I really admire that.

  5. Very cool. I made apple butter once, but that was the extent of my canning. Your jam looks wonderful.

  6. So cool that you accomplished that goal! My husband eats peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every single day so last year I decided to try and make the bread for him and make enough jam from our fruit trees that he doesn’t have to buy it. I was good with the bread for a bit, but then had to quit due to time. But I made a ton of plum and peach jam from my trees and huckleberry jam from a picking session! So fulfilling.

    This year I added raspberry to the list but haven’t had time to actually make it. Just picking and freezing until I get time in a few weeks to make it. And same with cherries…a friend rented a tree and I picked over 50 pounds…pitted and frozen, some of those are awaiting a jam session!

    While it’s so tiring dealing with all the fruit, I’m so thankful I have it. It gives me such a feeling of accomplishment to see the shelves of jam and canned peaches and applesauce and bags of berries from my land!

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