Posted by: Kate | July 9, 2009

How Much to Keep?

I finally put away the school pile. You know, the pile you collect through the year of all the work your child brings home? Then you add to the pile on the last day with all the kid’s workbooks, duotangs, etc. What to keep?

This year I was better than in previous years. I was ruthless in going through many of his workbooks. I kept unit tests, but threw out all his spelling tests. I kept his writing projects, but threw out his handwriting practise sheets. In then end I still have a good pile of papers and projects though. 

So, I’m curious. What do you keep? All of it? None of it? Do you have a system? Or are you swamped by your child’s work? Share!


  1. I’m still trying to figure this one out! Kid_1 is 4 yrs old, Kid_2 is 9 months old. I tend to get rid of a LOT, even waiting for times when Kid_1 isn’t around so I can do my culling in peace. I often tell myself, in the case of art projects, that the important part was the PROCESS, not the end result. Sort of like putting play doh away after the playing is done; usually we don’t keep the play doh “sculptures.”

  2. I tend to keep something only if it is a ‘first’ kind of thing; first spelling test, first science fair project, etc. I take pictures or scan some of the artwork and use them on pages together. That way I don’t have a TON of papers. I only learned that after her 1st grade though. I had almost everything from preschool and kindergarten, and had no more room! :)

  3. I do not tend to keep very much. Husband is more of a saver than I. Usually I follow the kids lead. Do they love it? Are they proud as can be? Then it is a keeeper.

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