Posted by: Kate | June 29, 2009

Local Theatre

I had the opportunity to go to a local (well, next town over) production of Biloxi Blues last night. It was fantastic, and is going to compete in a provincial festival soon. I went with my mum, and driving home I thought of how fortunate I am that my parents both shared their love of theatre with me.

We were encouraged as kids to participate in drama productions. Whether we were on stage or helping in the wings wasn’t important, it was the act of getting involved in the world of drama that mattered. I remember going to both big shows (Mr. Dress-Up) and local shows (Kaleidoscope Theatre) as a child. When I was 12 my dad took me to see The Taming of the Shrew (something to do with the name of the lead character ….) – and it is to this day one of my favourite plays.

My husband and I had our first date at a play my mum was in at the local school theatre. A British comedy, if I remember correctly. He now also enjoys going to shows and locally we have seen some fabulous productions.

The best thing is watching my mum share this love with our son. While we have taken him to shows and greatly enjoy doing so, it is my mum who really makes the effort to take him to any good play or musical or other event she thinks he would enjoy. From the Vienna Boys Choir, to the Wizard of Oz, Wind in the Willows, Annie and more, she has taken him on theatre dates for years now. He loves it, and is always eager to see the next show.

I hope you get the chance to support your local stage. It’s not terribly expensive, and it is so worth it. Whether it be community group plays, children’s theatre musicals, local dance productions or imported shows, a love of the stage will broaden both your and your children’s world. As well, you will ensure that the joy of other worlds and new experiences continues to benefit your community.



  1. I love the theater as well. We do support the local (which in our case is high school and university productions), and I also have seen many plays on Broadway since my brother used to live near NYC. Much different experience than a picture on a screen!

  2. I love that your mum takes your son to all those events. Those special grandma times will stay with him forever.

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