Posted by: Kate | June 25, 2009

Last Day of School

Remember the last day of elementary school before summer vacation? The anticipation? The saying good-bye to school friends and teachers? Clearing out your desk and bringing home all the work you’d done through the year?

We are on the last day of school here. Last day of primary as well – Bush Boy starts Grade 4 in September. It will be nice to not have to get moving for school tomorrow morning, but I know there is part of him that will miss the routine, the friends, the life of his own.

I did a gift set of dishcloths for the teacher, and Bush Boy picked out some lovely plants at the nursery. Perennials mind you, as annuals wouldn’t last beyond this year and that was just no good he said. This has been an excellent year, with a teacher who truly connects with each of her students and goes the extra mile to give them each support, both in and out of school. She lives near-by, and the kids all know she keeps freezies on hand for those who stop to say hi.

So now our summer adventures begin, another school year behind us. More than January 1st, the school year is the measure of time passing. I, too, feel both anticipation and a pang of loss.



  1. I love that he wanted perennials! He’s a thinker, that one!

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