Posted by: Kate | June 23, 2009

The Wonders of Blocking

Many of you will know this already, but for those non-lace knitters out there, let me talk about the wonders of blocking a shawl.

You knit this piece, and it looks like a blob. In this case like a thick, green blob.

wool green shawl1

It was knit with a dk weight green wool that had a thin coloured nylon yarn running through it. It looked like a blanket, but I thought that a block would give it a little more drape.

Drape and then some, people. This is what happens to wool knit on slightly larger than needed needles, soaked and pinned out on foam mats. It becomes …. a shawl.

green shawl fini1

It grew, and is now much more than the shoulder shawl it appeared to be at first glance (pre-block).

green shawl fini2

So there you have it. The wonders of blocking.

The shawl is the Weaver’s Wool Mini Shawl – great pattern. The yarn is more thrift store yarn, an old english brand that I couldn’t find any details on – so this continues the using up of stash yarn. I knit until I knew I wouldn’t have enough yarn to bind off unless I finished on that row. You can find the details on the Rav project page.



  1. wow kate – this turned out fantastic! it looks beautiful.
    are you still having cool nights up there or will you have to wait until fall to get to use it much?

  2. Stunning.

  3. It is beautiful. I am amazed a the difference blocking made!

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