Posted by: Kate | June 22, 2009

Welcome, Summer

summer berries1

The first day of summer Bush Boy and I ate a handful of raspberries from our garden. What a great way to start the season. (The four above Bush Boy saved, with great restraint, for dad as he was at work.)

Tonight I will make a pie with our strawberries.

summer berries2

Welcome, summer.



  1. We just finished off another strawberry-rhubarb pie, locally grown fruits. Num.

  2. No Way! How do you do that? My strawberry plants still have flowers.

    On the positive side, I pick a ton of peas this evening.

  3. Yum! My raspberry bushes are just about to burst with fruit (of course right as I leave again for a week!). And last weekend I made a rhubarb/strawberry pie…both from the garden! Love berry season!

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