Posted by: Kate | June 16, 2009

Something About the Hats

Life is supremely busy, what with school ending next week. With all the field trips going on we realized that Bush Boy needed a new sun hat (the Mantracker hat isn’t quite right for running around a playground or beach) as last year’s was too small. So off we went to find one last week. We got a good, sensible sun hat, one he likes as it is dark brown and has a tree leaf on it. Turned out it was Olympics apparel, which was buy one item get one free. So, he found another hat.

boy with hat

He loves this hat, too. Apparently this one is more for going out and casual stuff (like the dancers wear) and the other hat is for the bush and camping. Good to know.

(That would be an Archie comic in his hands. Did you hear the news that Archie is proposing to Veronica? Bush Boy thinks Archie got it all wrong and should have gone with Betty.)



  1. He’s right. Archie shoulda gone for Betty.

  2. For such a young lad he has it right! What is Archie thinking! I am disgusted…..makes me not want to read Archie comics anymore!

  3. Love the hat by the way!

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