Posted by: Kate | June 15, 2009

Clearing Out the Craft Closet

There are so many shopping bags of half finished projects in my big craft closet. One of the biggest was a bag of mitred knit squares. I had started them about four years ago, with the idea to turn them into a big blanket for me. (The boys each have a blanket, but for some reason I still don’t.) The thing was, knitting mitred squares with a boucle yarn wasn’t easy, as if I lost my count I couldn’t tell where I was. So the squares took a long time to knit. Then I ran out of the green yarn. I thought I would continue with a brown yarn, but by then my love for the project was decidedly gone. So the squares were shoved into a bag and tossed into the closet. 

Over the last two years I would periodically pull them out, lay them out and think to myself that I only needed to knit 8 more and I could make my big blanket. Then I would put them all back in the bag after a few days, and toss the bag back into the closet.

Finally, in my continuing quest to use up what I have, I decided to just finish with the squares. I realized if I used 12 of the squares, instead of the 14 I had, I could make a crib-size (or lap-size) blanket. So on Sunday I spent an hour seaming up the squares and weaving in all the ends. 


I am more pleased with the finished product than I expected. A full size blanket would have been nice, but it is good enough for me to have this project out of the closet at last.



  1. I love it! It looks wonderful with all the different lines, that “go” rather than “match.” Glad you know have a blanket to call your very own :)

  2. First of all, I think a lap sized blanket is perfect. I use the ones I have all the time on cold winter evenings or cool, rainy spring days. Sitting on the couch with a cup of tea, a blanket on my lap and knitting in my hand!

    Second, I LOVE this blanket! I love the colors you chose and the pattern of all the different squares! Perfect!

    I bet it feels good to check that one off as a finished object. I, too, have some projects that have been sitting for too long. This post made me think about them at least and that’s progress right? :)

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