Posted by: Kate | June 11, 2009

Oh Boy

Parent Tea was last week at our school. Lovely afternoon, with music and singing provided by the various classes. Bush Boy’s class performed two lovely numbers, and luckily I got a front row seat. I think, however, Bush Boy needs to work on his ‘waiting quietly for the music to start’ skills. 


Take my picture, Mom....

Take my picture, Mom....

He figured out that after the flash went he had a second for the red eye and he could move before the picture was taken. He stood up nicely “I promise this one will be nice, Mom.”


For crying out loud.

For crying out loud.

“Just one good picture, please?”

At this point all the girls around him (being so short he is always with the shortest girls on the risers for pictures, performances, etc) were either giggling or rolling their eyes.


You're funny, Mom.

You're funny, Mom.

And I wish I knew why the flash makes every little spot look terrible – his clothes didn’t look that dirty in regular light I swear!

The singing was delightful, and Bush Boy is all seriousness when actually singing.

Never a dull moment.



  1. Love the pictures!

  2. you sound like a proud mum…. love the pics and the story with it!

  3. You know, I think his long hair suits him…

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