Posted by: Kate | June 4, 2009

We’re Having a Heat Wave….

Anyone know what movie that song is from? It’s one of my favourites.

We are in the middle of a crazy heat wave out here. Temperatures for the last 3 days have been above 30C (86F) and just bakingly dry. The garden is confused for sure! Last June was dismal and cold at the beginning, and this one beyond hot. What happened to spring?!

The only thing to do in heat like this is read. I’ve read three books in the last week, all very different. The two I enjoyed were The Underpainter, by Jane Urquhart and Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen. Two very different but satisfying reads. 

Jane Urquhart is a master at scene setting and character development. Her books have a languid feel to them, a pace unto themselves. I don’t want to tear through them, but enjoy the story as it unfolds around me. I appreciate the detail she puts into her worlds. Another book of hers I very much enjoyed was The Stone Carvers

Water for Elephants was a fun, summer read. It has great history behind it, surrounded by the Great Depression and the legacy of train circuses. The story itself is one that you want to race to the end with. It isn’t as careful a read as Urquhart’s books, but it was a pleasurable read. 

The heat is supposed to break a little tomorrow, and be back to normal by next week. Probably a good thing, as summer isn’t really here yet!



  1. 1938 release of Alexander’s Rag Time Band w/ Tyrone Power, Alice Faye, Ehtel Merman and Don Ameche. “We’re Having a Heat Wave” was sung by Ethel Merman about 3/4s through the film. Quite Good.

  2. I really enjoyed Water for Elephants. Good read. I’m looking to take a small library with me when we travel across Canada this summer….suggestions?

  3. I just finished The Red Tent….meh. Modern sensibilities imposed on a Biblical story does not revolutionary literature make.

  4. I am going to give Underpaints a go. It is not available at the library, I will need to order a copy from the LBS.

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