Posted by: Kate | May 28, 2009

It’s Just Hair, People

I find it fascinating how many people think I should make my son get a haircut. Or that I should pin him down and brush it every morning. 

I have better things to do than fight with a 9-year-old over his hair. I’ll admit, I’m partial to his hair long, mostly because it has this one perfect ringlet by his ear that I love to pull (apparently kids at school – boys and girls – like to do the same thing, it’s that irresistible). My partiality is not, however, the reason I don’t take him for a haircut. The reason is … it’s his hair.

How many of us had our mothers force a haircut on us? It was a pixie cut in my case, for the first 8 years of my life. Since then I’ve changed my hairstyle probably every two to three years. It grows quickly and I’m easily bored.

My son has already said, short hair just isn’t who he is. When he cares enough to have it look tidy he’ll brush it every day. When it gets too hot and sweaty this summer, he’ll get it cut. Hair is one thing I can let him have control of in his world. I don’t consider his appearance a reflection of me, it’s a reflection of who he feels he is. 

That’s not to say I don’t wish he would brush it more, or care for it a little better. I have opinions. I’m not going to force my opinion on him, however.

Seriously. It’s just hair, people.



  1. I agree it shows his individuality, like at school when all are dressed the same the only way children can show their individualty or personality is their hair or pencil elder son likes his hair longer.

  2. Ah yes, the uniforms! I wore them a few times in my school career, in England and at a private school here. Definitely hair becomes even more important then, although my son wouldn’t have been allowed his hair at my private school.

  3. Hey I am totally with you on the hair subject! When Kayne grew out his hair to donate it to locks for love people would ask me all the time… why I didn’t make him cut it… and my response was hey if this is what he’s asking for I think I have it made at this point… It’s not like he wants expensive this or that it’s just hair and really people he is growing it out to donate it! I would honestly make him or help him wash it though as it would have a tendency to get pretty bad if it wasn’t done well enough.

  4. Good for you Kate, great for him to do what he wants with his hair! I am someone who was made to endure both the pixie cut and the home perm, ugh…

  5. Seriously.

  6. My youngest daughter’s hair is purple. People ask me how I could let her do it. My response? Its only hair.

  7. I agree with you. – hair is not worth fighting over.

  8. Your boy is beautiful – he looks like a happy, healthy, very much loved boy and that’s the way it should be. I love your photos of him, they warm my heart.

  9. I couldn’t agree with you more! There were two things that I refused to get into power struggles with my children over. One was their hair and the other was food. There are so many bigger issues in life……to me hair just isn’t one of them.

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